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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Why I don't blog

It's 7 o'clock in the evening. Dinner is supposed to be on between 5 and 6. Bedtime for the kids is at 8. It's Saturday night...meaning I have to bathe the kids and iron the clothes for tomorrow. Oh, and I just remembered the sheets for our bed our in the washing machine and need to be dried before I can go to bed. Dinner is getting cold...well part of dinner. Actually the green beans, biscuits and spaghetti sauce are getting cold while the water boils for the noodles. Yes, I admit, I was almost done cooking when I remembered pasta is a necessary ingredient when it comes to spaghetti. The kids have been screaming and fighting and I turned off the stove I don't know how many times in order to be consistent in discipline...that, and save the children from certain self inflicted death. I sent Ellie to the bathroom for 15 minutes of time out. I had so many timers going in the kitchen I almost forgot about her. When I did remember her I realized I had 1.5 minutes left on her timer in which to remind myself why she was in there in the first place. I then went to deal with her. After I'd talked to her she asked me "what did I do again?" She didn't even remember it when I reminded her! Then, back in the kitchen in the midst of chaos I heard a little voice below me. It was Ethan mumbling his first full sentence which was muffled by the thumb in his mouth. "I love you". Ah, how sweet. Well, Tyler's at the office and has been hungry for over an hour. The noodles are still not done. For some reason in the midst of it all I thought of all of you. I really do think of you every day but haven't found the time to write. Most days aren't this calm.

Someday I'll post pictures...