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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

First Family Photo of Five

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post. It's nice to know I still have faithful readers after my long absents. :)

Yesterday we had our very first family photo! It's terrible, but I don't think we'd even had a snap shot with all five of us. Anyway, Walmart did a great job and we actually got all three kids to smile at the camera at the same time. Ethan did really well for the family photo and his individual one. Those were the only two we really wanted so it worked out. However, for the rest of the session Ethan decided to throw one of those terrible fits he's so good at. At least we got the pictures we wanted and the other two kids were perfect angels!

I should probably get off. My boys have now been fighting over my lap for about 5 minutes and have now passed the screaming and hitting stage and moved on the the biting stage (well, Ethan bites and Evan screams louder...)

Ok, never mind. I now have peace (as much as I can with Ethan strangling me with a hug from behind). Poor little Evan finally gave up and got his own chair. It's just one of those days...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

In Ellie's Words: "Better Late Than Never"

Sorry to every one who has been begging for updates! Thanks to all of you who have thought about, prayed for, or emailed us. I'm going to try to do a better job of keeping up now. I've been amazed at how busy it's been around here! There is no way I can catch up on all the details of the past two months and have been dreading getting back on here for that reason. So instead I'm going to give a few of the high lights...and there are a lot!

Ethan: The transformation in this kid is amazing. He now understands almost everything and has many words. His temper is beginning to improve. We have even seen a change in the way he plays and his ability to play "imaginary" games with things such as dishes. He now LOVES his mommy and will cuddle with me even when he has the option of daddy. He enjoys going to Sunday School with Evan and will go without us taking him. We had been hoping to get out on a date sometime and leave him for just a few hours the first time. However, we had an emergency last night (more details in a minute) and he and Evan ended up staying with a friend overnight. He didn't even cry!! When I came to pick him up he had one of the biggest smiles I've ever seen and nearly jumped out of the person's arms to get to me. :)

One of the biggest praises we have is that, for now, he won't be needing surgery! The Neurosurgeon said he has a very large cyst between the two hemispheres of the brain but seems to be unaffected by it at this time. Although things could change in the future. So for now we wait and take him back for another MRI in 6 months.

Ethan has so many crazy expressions! Here are a few of the common ones. His actions are often very jerky and stiff as you can see in the picture to the right.

Evan: Poor little guy had a very hard time adjusting to a new brother. Suddenly most of his things became "their" things. For a while he rode around on this little car (that he hardly noticed before) and wouldn't get off even to eat without a fit. One day I opened the seat of the car and found all Evan's "precious" toys hidden inside. He just needed something that was his and only his. However, now the two are getting along very well and copy each other on everything. Evan's latest copied behavior is thumb sucking!

Evan is our little coffee drinker (decaf of course!).

(or "Elise" as she now wishes to be called):
Last night's emergency that I mentioned earlier was Ellie. While running around our living room with the boys she slipped on a play cup and broke her arm! Because of the timing with dinner they weren't able to give her anesthetics until morning so we had to spend the night in the hospital and wait to set her arm till at 7am today. She was so brave! She cried when it first happened but was fine and moving it around at the hospital. The Dr. said he's seen football players cry more than her! She is now sporting a cute little pink cast!

Puppy: Yes, you read correctly. When we met a lady at the mall giving away free puppies I decided that a 4 year old girl who I'm trying to teach preschool to, and 2 rambunctious 2 year old boys, one of whom we were still trying to get to know, along with a ton of house work just wasn't enough to keep me busy! So I got my very first puppy! I have since learned that they require more work then scooping food into a bowl each day! Anyone want a FREE puppy? Just kidding.

Pictures: Here are just a few of the many pictures from the past 2 months.

Monkey Kisses

Cinnamon and Sugar Doughnuts!

This is what happened in the kitchen last time I tried to blog. The boys are great at getting into trouble together. They were so proud of themselves for eating the entire bag of left overs.

Ethan loves the snow and doesn't seem to mind the cold at all

Brotherly Love

Family Night--Baking Cookies

Ethan's idea of "helping"

Mommy's helpers...I'm running out of room in my kitchen!

Ellie teaching Ethan to play with dishes

Just looking beautiful!

Daddy Time