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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Chopsticks and Toothpicks!

"Yea! I have...toothpicks!"


"Hmm...How does this work?"

"Hey, I figured it out!"

Ever since getting sick in Taiwan I've had a hard time with oriental food. However, I've been studying the culture of Vietnam lately and got excited. So tonight I got motivated and made sesame beef stir-fry (without the sesame seeds). It wasn't a Vietnamese dish but it was oriental which is a big step for me. It turned out really well and the kids loved it. Tyler was very pleased too since he loves Chinese and I never make it and will rarely consent to go out for it.

We ate with chopsticks ("doi dua" in Vietnamese) and had a great time watching Ellie. She actually got a few bites with them! Evan wanted some too but we only had two sets (I gave mine to Ellie) so we gave him tooth picks! It was great to see him take a tooth pick in each hand and try to pick up his food. He then tried stabbing the meat which worked for a couple of bites before he finally reverted to fingers...while still holding his prize possession of "chopsticks".

By the way, sorry I haven't been posting pictures. All our pictures are on the other computer and Tyler's always over there. But I'll try to do better. :) Hope you enjoy these.


dayspring said...

hey! those pictures are SOO cute love the first one with evan and the toothpicks. haha you have such cute kids. i can't wait to see you again.. and i want your recipy for your stirfrie (spelling?). haha it looks good. well take care!!

kristie said...

when did they get so big? There are still as adorable as ever though. it was fun getting you letter and reading your blog. It's a great way to keep in touch, i just can't seem to keep up on mine.
miss you, hope you're having fun in KS