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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Kansas City

Yesterday we went to Kansas City so we could attend the CHI parent education meeting. Our adoption agency holds one every month and there is a training time, kids program, and a time when you break into groups by country so you can meet other famlies adopting from the same place. Being 3 1/2 hours from Kansas City makes it difficult to go because it becomes an all day event that gets us home at 1 in the morning. However, it always falls on Tyler's day off so we decided to go this time. I was so excited about meeting some other families and Ellie was thrilled with the prospect of playing with the other kids. Well we got to Kansas City, did some shopping and headed to the Church the meeting was to be at. When we arrived we realized there was almost nobody there. About that time we double checked the date and relized that I had been mistaken and the meeting had been last week. I began to cry because I was so disappointed and when Ellie realized what was happening she joined in. We ended up going to a nice mall where we found a play place and a little friend for Ellie. She had a lot of fun and it turned out to be an enjoyable day...just not what I had planned! I'm really hoping to go again in the future, this time on the right Monday!

As a side note, Ellie got her own chopsticks while in Kansas City. She ate her breakfast with them this morning. Wow, that little girl does really well for her second time! In a month she'll be a pro!

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