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Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Monday we went to Kansas City to talk to the CIS (Citizenship and Immigration Services) to apply for the 171 (see bottom of right-hand column for explanation).  We left home around 8:30am and didn't get home until around 1 in the morning. Things went really quickly at the CIS office but with all the driving and shopping we had to do it took all day. We figured we only spent about 6 hours out of the car. The kids did amazingly well! Anyway, within the next 90 days (I'm hoping for about 6 weeks) we should have our 171-H and be on the waiting list for a kid! At this point the soonest I think we could have a referral would be December.


dayspring said...

wow thats awesome! sorry i got kinda behind on your blogs.. i read them all though haha. and what is 171-H? well i can't wait for you to have your kid! ha i know it will be awhile but i'm excited! well take care!

Misty said...

In answer to Dayspring and anyone else wondering, the 171 is permission from the CIS to bring an orphan into the US.