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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Faith and Blessing

Well we got some not so great news today. I had applied to Life International for an interest free loan. They had called for more information and we had been waiting to hear back. Well the lady called and said that funds would not allow them to help us at this time. She seemed really disappointed and seemed to really care.

Tyler and I are now applying for a regular loan through a credit union he's still a part of. If you wouldn't mind praying that we would get a good loan through them we'd appreciate it. If we can't get a loan through them I'm not sure what we will do! This is also a little scary because Tyler and I have always been debt free and we thought we could come out of the adoption almost that way. But things didn't happen in our way or in our timing. However, I know God will provide

At this point we need about $15,000 to bring Ethan home. It has been neat to see the way God is already providing. We have $2500 of this covered by Shaohannah's Hope (Steven Curtis Chapman's foundation). We have one friend who has given us a gift and another who is giving us some of her inheritance from her mother! It is always wonderful to look BACK and see the way God has worked. However, when you are looking FORWARD and could get "the call" any day and then need the money immediately...well it's a little less relaxing!

On another note...we went to Salina today for diapers. One downfall of living this far out is when you forget to pick a necessary item (like diapers) up while in town you have to make another trip which involves 2 hours of just driving time. Well, while there, we went to Pizza Hut to get the kids their free pizza from our summer reading program. Before our food came the waitress brought over a plate of Cinnamon Sticks and told us there was a gentleman who wanted us to have them! That made our night. Then before we left a couple (not the same ones that gave us the cinnamon sticks) called us over and complimented us on our children. This was amazing since it was 8:30 (past bedtime) and we had only just then fed them dinner! Only by the grace of God were our children anything but screaming hysterical tired messes!


Heidi said...

Wow, you're a mega poster today! Evan & Ethan's room looks great- I'm so impressed that you did it on your own. I'm the type of person who likes the finished product, but hates doing the work to get it there!!

I'm sorry about Life International. I'll be praying that God supplies the funds another way so you can make it through the adoption debt free.

Chip & Sara said...

Hi Misty!
Sorry it's been so long since I've commented. I will definitely be praying for the money you need to come in! All is going well here with Aaron, other than some sleep issues. I'll pray for that money!

Jacob, Angie, Dakota, and Austin said...

Hi I follow your blog but never post. I just wantedto let you know about an organization that we went through for a loan and they are wonderful. They give loans up to $10,000 at 5% interrest only. And the monthly payment is $188. You can search them on line they are called a child waits foundation. YOu wont be sorry. they are wonderful.