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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Not sure why, but I always choose the most chaotic times in life to post on my blog. I've been so bad at posting I'm not sure anyone is even reading any more...except the few faithful family members who are so desperate to hear news from us considering the fact I write letters less then I blog!

We are doing well...I shouldn't say well...great, fine, happy, even fantastic...but not well. Actually, we are all sick, most of us for the second time. Two weeks most of the family was sick. Last week Evan was sick again with something else (more on that later) and this week we all have what Evan had last week.

We had VBS last week and Tyler, Ellie and Ethan loved it. I on the other hand was home with Evan. For an entire week Evan had diarrhea, would hardly eat, lost weight (he made Ethan look chubby!) and slept constantly. One night while Tyler and I were in the living room we heard him cry "mommy, I hurt". This week he finally began to eat again and sleep less, but he is still so lethargic and wants me to carry him if we go anywhere. He doesn't even play! He's also pale, even his lips have lost all color. I feel so sorry for him.

Did I mention the tornado warnings, or the brown recluses in our least 9 in the past couple of months including the one on Tyler's head, or the large hairy spider almost the size of my palm that I found in the shower? How about the ants in my kitchen, mouse who made a huge nest in my silverware drawer or the rat the dog brought to the yard. The very dead rat with it's eye falling out was very lovingly touched by my kids and put down the slide by Evan! Aww, the joys!

Well, I'm going to hurry and post a few pictures. It looks like we have another big storm headed our way. I'm really hoping we don't have to join the snake and brown recluses in our cellar. I'm not to worried about our house however, Ellie just told Daddy that if the house gets swept up by a tornado she will ask God to put it back together! Although life has it's interesting moments that are sometimes less then pleasurable, God always brings a smile to my face...yep, life is good!

Sorry, I have to stop with the pictures now and turn the computor off...


Nitner and Beckers said...

YES, you still have fans... I check EVERYDAY in anticipation of the next posting. Usually I check half-heartedly knowing that the title will still be the same as the last time I checked, but today I looked, started to go back to my blog, and you have NO IDEA how excited I was to have something new to read. So, yes... you do still have readers.

Glad to hear that everyone is happy. Hope the gang gets healthy soon. You are in our prayers often. Thanks for the post!

Kathryn & Kevin said...

I'm still reading. I have your blog in my Bloglinr=es reader, so I know to check it only when you add a post. Sorry to hear that you were all under the weather, AGAIN! This weather sure has been weird this year!

Ugh, spiders and snakes. Uh, why do you have a snake in your cellar, though? Spiders, I could understand, even mice, but snakes! Your in Kansas, right?

Kathryn & Kevin said...

Oh, I left off my other question to you. How is Ethan doing? What effect does he have from the hydrocephalus?

Katherine, aka katedrew94 said...

I'm still here Misty :) More updates soon please.

Jessica said...

I'm sorry things are so stressful right now. But it was great to hear from you and see the pictures. Ethan looks great. I think of him often.
Jessica (Lily Janes's mom)

Baby N's Mom said...

Sorry to hear that you are all sick yet happy to know you are all happily surviving life.

The Ben Show said...

I still check in Misty. Hang in there. I am PHOBIC about spiders, so my thoughts are with you!

Morning Arendsee said...

HEY! i finally got a blog so i can comment. actually, that's not exactly why i got the blog (it's for a college class where i have to blog about the new testament), but that's the good part about it. I probably won't have anything interesting on mine but i love yours! your kids are adorable and you're beautiful and i'll try to call you soon and catch up. i love you sister!