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Monday, December 8, 2008

The past 6 months...

Well, I may not be the worlds worst blogger...but I'm not far behind. Yep, I'm back after half a year! Since Ethan came home just over a year ago (wow, can't believe it's been that long) life has been crazier then ever and is only getting worse.

We are expecting our forth child the beginning of March (I'm 6 months along). The pregnancy was complicated and very high risk in the beginning. I spent most of the summer with restricted activities and wondering if the baby would even make it. It was sweet the way Ellie would intently watch the ultrasounds, and the light in her eyes whenever we heard the heartbeat. God has watched over this little baby and everything is going well now. What a blessing to hear Ellie switch from saying "if the baby lives..." to "when the baby's born..." She and Evan are SO excited! Ethan...well Ethan is Ethan. He doesn't really get the whole pregnancy thing. But he LOVES babies so I'm sure he'll be excited when it gets here.

I also started kindergarten with Ellie at home this year. She misses the cut off date for school but was ready. She's doing very well. Teaching her has been the easy part...dealing with the boys has been a little more trying. Although Evan would sit or play quietly if it were just him, Ethan is not quite so calm. He is so energetic and wants to be right in the middle of what we are doing. It's been a challenge and discouraging at times. However, it has also really been a blessing to watch and be part of Ellie's learning.

Oh, speaking of learning. The boys are doing very well with talking. Ethan is still doing speech therapy once a week. He puts three words together routinely and is making progress every day. Evan speaks in 7 or 8 word sentences. Evan loves to talk and tries to compete with Ellie! It's also sweet to listen to him pray for a meal as he lists off every item at the table!

Today Ellie is sick and I'm home alone with all three kids. Poor Ellie threw up all night and can't even keep water down today. She's drinking a lot though and is slowly working on some turkey broth.

Well that is our past 6 months, or so, in a nutshell. I'll try to do better with blogging. I just got a small 10.5 inch laptop so I can work around the kids during the day. Our pictures are on the main computer still so it may be a while till I find an easy way of putting them on the blog from my computer. But I'll try to get some posted before another 6 months go by!


Baby N's Mom said...

glad to know you're still out there. congratulations on the new baby and i'm glad that everything has made a turn for the better. take care. ~ April

the ben show said...

So happy to hear an update! I keep thinking of e-mailing you. Wow - baby #4. congrats!